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Titles Grim Harvestman
Alignment Neutral evil
Portfolio Accidental death
Cleric Alignments
Domains Death, Destruction, Evil, Plant, War
Favored Weapon Heavy pick

Zyphus (pronounced ZIE-fess)[1] is the malignant god of accidental death. A bitter enemy of the goddess Pharasma, he is worshiped by small cults throughout Golarion. These groups foment tragedy and bring about accidents in the hopes of strengthening the power of their god. His symbol is a pick made from a human skull, rib, and femur.[2]


Followers of the Grim Harvestman believe that the god arose from the first maddened soul to die a pointless death. It is written that since that time, every mortal that dies in the same meaningless way is destined to be absorbed by Zyphus after death. This puts him in direct competition with the goddess Pharasma. Cults of Zyphus believe that even though the deaths they help arrange are not truly accidental, these souls are still dedicated to strengthen their patron.[2]

Church of Zyphus[]

Zyphus cults are widespread, although never large in numbers. They worship in graveyards which are abandoned or no longer under the protection of the Lady of Graves.[2]


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