Aliases Lord of Gastash
Titles Runelord of Gluttony
Race/Species Human/unique undead
Class Wizard (Necromancer)
Gender Male
Homeland Gastash, Thassilon
Destroyed ca. -5293 AR

Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 78

Zutha (pronounced ZOO-tha)[1] was the Runelord of Gluttony and ruler of the Thassilonian domain of Gastash. Zutha, unlike the rest of the Runelords, was not human but a monstrous undead that could taste and touch and feel like a living human being, but at a price. His undead body required constant renewal from a source left unmentioned in any surviving texts. He attained this unique undead state to allow him to continue glutting himself on the produce of his rich kingdom.[2]

It is said that Zutha never ate the same meal twice, constantly dining on exotic foods and 'meal-slaves' from across Golarion. He was described as being mightier with the pen than the sword but this was not a slight against his skill at arms. Zutha sold Gastash's excess food to every domain in Thassilon, often selling to both sides in a war between rival runelords. Those who crossed Zutha soon found their supplies running very short. Zutha's favourite weapon was a set of rings and Ioun stones that he could use in a unique way. He even favoured this above his scythe-like weapon of rule.[2]

Like all of the runelords, Zutha divined Thassilon's impending fall and made contingencies to survive. He bound his essence into an eldritch book, the Gluttonous Tome, that was split into three volumes and entrusted to his three greatest servants. Thassilon's destruction was more complete than Zutha anticipated, however, and the three books were scattered to the farthest corners of Avistan. If the three books are ever brought together, whoever possesses the reconstituted Gluttonous Tome will be possessed by the spirit of the undead runelord and Zutha will be free to plague the world once more.[3]


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