Titles Last Home of the Elves
Nation Darklands
Region Sekamina
Size Metropolis
Population 55,340
Demographics 77% drow, 6% duergar, 5% troglodyte, 3% dark folk, 3% ghoul, 2% tiefling, 2% derro, 2% other
Government Noble houses
Alignment Chaotic evil

Source: Endless Night, pg(s). 49

The massive city of Zirnakaynin (pronounced zeer-nuh-KAY-nin)[1] is one of the largest drow settlements in the Darklands. It has stood for over eight centuries among the severe cliffs of the great cavern Cocyrdavarin.


The city is separated into three distinct layers, each with their own populations and flavor, though all are decidedly drow.

The Last CityEdit

The topmost layer, whose ancient bladed walls stretch forth from the top of the plateau, is a densely packed center of the city of Zirnakaynen, called the Last City. It was here that the drow first cowered from the darkness in their original flight from the surface into the Darklands. Now the wealthiest and most powerful non-nobles, artisans and decadent performers call this district of the city home. The topless tower of Ileccinoc reaches into the vast openness of the cavern from the westernmost edge, which serves as the seat of the city's ruling council.[2]


The sprawling layer of Arsyrvhar, the Pale March, is home to most of the city's drow population, many of its everyday shops and residences, and the markets of Ovessia. Merchants from the metropolis' slave cities can be seen mingling among the common citizens, as can strange visitors from other parts of the Darklands. Some traders' wares are not condiered worthy for consumption by the drow, and these merchants are banished to the slum-bazaar of Drashes in Ghenavoc, the lowest layer of Zirnakaynen.[2]


The Pit of Ghenavoc is home to the true degenerates of drow society (a title which certainly says something). These low-born, deformed, freed slaves, and foreign residents make up the population of this lowest of tiers of the great city. Among workhouses, slave pens, drug dens, and warehouses, the least of Zirnakaynin's society scrape out pitiful lives.[2]

The Noble HousesEdit

The Greater HousesEdit

House Azrinae:

House Dolour:

House Rasivrein:

House Tracinoa:

House Vexidyre:

House Vonnarc:

The Lesser HousesEdit

House Caldrana:

House Misraria:

House Moivas:

House Parastric:

House Sardavic:

House Udrinor: The drow of House Udrinor fill the storehouses of Zirnakaynin by virtue of their control over the production and trade in edible fungus within the area of the city. As a sideline they also dipose of bodies within the city using them as compost for their crop or sacrifices to Cyth-V'sug, their patron demon. Matron Holtavoma is the current head and a familiar figure about the city and in the holdings of her house.