Region Taldor
Size Large City
Population 17,540

One of the main defensive strongholds against any future invasion from the south, Zimar is vital to the long term survival of Taldor. Ever since the Grand Campaign over a hundred years ago Zimar has stood as a bastion for the Taldan army and is home to several Taldan Phalanx (the name given to one of their huge formations of heavy infantry) and several other formations including cavalry and captial ships. Even though Qadira has not invaded Taldor since 4079 AR the city remains ever watchful of its southern neighbour.[1]


Zimar stands as a military stronghold in defense of Taldor, yet the city itself possesses an architecture and a culture with both Qadiran and Taldan influence. Regardless, Qadira is the foe here, and her enslavement of the inhabitants of Zimar at the start of the Grand Campaign has not been forgotten. Nationalistic pride is taught throughout the city and military service upheld as the highest calling.[2]


Zimar sits on the banks of Jalrune River, the dividing line between Taldor and Qadira. To the south-west, the river flows through the spider infested forest Border Wood, which can be dangerous to travelers due to the bandits that live within the woodland.[3]

The UndercityEdit

Zimar's undercity is "ruled" by the self-proclaymed otyugh king Gulreesh, Lord of Filth. The Lord of Filth holds court in a large cistern and rumors suggest that he devours any who offend him. The rulers above ground take no action against Gulreesh, nor his allies. Some claim that this is because he holds a terrible secret about the rulers, while others argue it is because he is too inconsequential.[4]


Settlements of Taldor

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