Zhen worms (pronounced ZHEN-wurms)[1] dwell in warm and wet environments, but frequently migrate to locations with geothermic hot springs and mud pots (Darkmoon Vale, Andoran, The Gorum Pots of Numeria, and Teratze in the Mwangi Expanse are common migration locations). These worms are just over an inch in diameter, they get up to 10 feet in length with a series of orange bands along their lengths. These bands allow the worms to detect tremors and vibrations, used to sense the approach of prey. This ability is muffled by cold and rock filled earth. The appetite of the worms include rodents, lizards, and slow birds. They eat not with mouths, but by absorbing nutrients through the tiny holes along the sides. The worms constantly ooze a mildly acidic slime, they coil around corpses, allowing the slime to digest the body, and eating the nutrients. [2]

The slime from the zhen worm's body can be used to preserve meat long-term, although this meat will have to be well-washed before being prepared to eat.[2]