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Titles God of the Troglodytes, Demon Lord of Troglodytes and Caverns
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio Troglodytes
Cleric Alignments
Domains Animal, Chaos, Evil, Strength
Favored Weapon Spiked Gauntlet

Zevgavizeb (pronounced zev-GAV-ah-zeb)[1] is the demon lord worshiped by the troglodytes of Golarion. His holy symbol is a set of twisted tentacles that end in vicious talons.


Zevgavizeb is a truly hideous monster, even in the Abyss, which is full of monsters. He is the size of a dragon, but does not share his troglodyte followers' form; instead he is part reptile, part bat, and part overgrown worm.[2]


Zevgavizeb is a degree older than most other demons, for he once was one of the original natives of the Abyss, a qlippoth.[2] Whether this is the reason behind his seeming disinterest in the rest of the multiverse, much like foul Dagon, is open to speculation.[3]

Cult & Worshippers[]

Zevgavizeb cares little for his mortal adherents, making his home in the Abyssal realm of Gluttondark. He shows no interest in the rest of the universe, instead his prime interest is in feeding his immense hunger, when he emerges from his long hibernations. Zevgavizeb's troglodyte worshipers live in mortal terror of his hunger, sacrificing countless victims to appease him.[2] Because he cares little for his flock, the worship of Zevgavizeb is generally disorganized and only consists of superstitious traditions, crude rock drawings, and ancient tales told over cold meals in the dark. There have been rumors that a more structured priest class among the troglodytes does exist, but these tales have yet to be substantiated.[4] Xulgaths, a more civilized relative of troglodytes, have also been observed worshiping Zevgavizeb.[5]


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