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Titles The Wise
Alignment Neutral good
Portfolio Magic
Worshipers elves
Cleric Alignments
Domains Artifice, Earth, Good, Knowledge, Magic
Favored Weapon dagger

Yuelral is the Elven goddess of magic. She is a patron of both divine and arcane magic but prefers magic that deals with the natural world rather than magic that deals with metal and other artificial things. She is frequently worshiped by jewelers because of her affinity with crystals. These jewelers never cut their crystals, instead embracing their natural beauty. Yuelral is quick to embrace half elves, seeing past their mixed heritage to what lies within.[1]


In elven art Yuelral is always shown as an elven woman in normal, simple dress. She has wise eyes and is surrounded by orbiting magical crystals much like ioun stones. Her symbol is three crystals of pink, blue and green overlapping in the middle to form a six pointed star shape surrounded by a golden circle.[1]


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