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Yamasa (pronounced yah-MAH-sah)[1] was once a proud land, although primitive in comparison to some of the more advanced societies in the north of Garund. It controlled much of the trade in the west of the continent. The formation of the Eye of Abendego destroyed Yamasa, and its northern neighbour Lirgen. The two kingdoms are now known as the Sodden Lands.[2] Unlike their neighbours in Lirgen, the people of Yamasa were unable (or some say, unwilling) to flee from the hurricane.

The capital city of Kokutang still stands.

The ruling caste of Yamasa was called the Koboto. Explorers have reported that the Koboto survived the destruction of Yamasa, have set about reconstructing the tribes, and have reverted to the kingdom's old ways of cannibalism and necromancy in order to survive in the harsh environment of the Sodden Lands.[3]

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