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Titles The Horned Prince, Demon Lord of Gargoyles and Ruins
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio Gargoyles
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Evil, Earth, Strength
Favored Weapon Ranseur

The demon lord Xoveron (pronounced ZOV-er-ahn)[1] is the lord of gargoyles, to whom he is a god (as well as the fearsome nababus). In prayer they call him the Horned Prince.


Like many demon lords who serve as patrons to an entire race, Xoveron looks similar to the gargoyles that worship him; he is, however, far larger than a normal gargoyle. Xoveron is also unique amongst gargoyles in that he posses an additional pair of arms as well as two heads with which can see through the eyes of any gargoyle perched upon a ruined building anywhere in the multiverse.[2]

Cult & Worshippers[]

Xoveron is primarily worshipped by gargoyles as well as the demonic nababu. He demands that sacrifices to him are performed by defenestration, or by impaling the victim on tall stakes under the open, uncaring sky. Xoveron's greater ambition, and one shared by most of his worshippers, is the complete destruction of all civilization, leaving him as the undisputed ruler of all the countless ruined cities left behind. The Abyssal realm known as Ghahazi is a truly vast ruined metopolis, a shadow of what destruction Xoveron will one day wreak on the Material Plane.


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