Region Razmiran
Size Small City
Population 9,200

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 125

Xer (pronounced ZER)[1] is an important port on the banks of Lake Encarthan, it serves as one of the two main port for all Razmiran and much of the trade goods that flow from across the lake is funnelled through Xer. The importance of Xer means it is tightly controlled by the priests of Razmir, they collect tithes from every business in Xer and since anyone who lives in Xer must be a worshipper of Razmir they collect from everyone. Unfortunately for those who visit the city the priest of Razmir aren't fussy about who they demand tithes from happily 'indoctrinating' any foreign sailor or merchant with the tenants of Razmir's religion until they agree to the 'willing donation' asked of them. Even worse this sort of behaviour is not just limited to those who walk the streets of Xer, faith barges piloted by Razmir's masked priests sail the surrounding waters boarding the ships of those who are not making port in Xer to spread the word of their faith (generally consisting of bullying non-believers) and collected tithes (by demanding tribute to pass). Rumour has it that, as the first city Razmir conquered when he came to the area, some of Xer's inhabitants remember certain secrets that the faithful of Razmir would deem blasphemy, including the fact that Xer may be home to the bastard offspring of a so called God.[2]