Xanderghul (pronounced ZAHN-dur-gool)[1] was the Runelord of Pride, Satrap of Cyrusian, and first amongst equals. Xanderghul claimed that the lands of Cyrusian were the ancient heartland or capital of the Thassilonian empire and he was probably right. He wanted Cyrusian to be a paradise for the elite of Thassilon, better than all of the other domains. Xanderghul held himself above all of the other runelords, priding himself on avoiding the mere squabbles of the other six. He was a master of diplomacy and singlehandedly held the empire together. He was the only runelord who worshiped the Peacock Spirit. His features were said to resemble those of First King Xin. He was a patron of the arts and master of his weapon of rule which was a lucerne hammer. While this may make Xanderghul sound like a wise and noble ruler, in truth he was arrogant beyond all reason. His ego grew with every new achievement and every passing year.[2]