Wings of Protection
Type Construct
CR CR 10
Environment Dragonfall

Source: Guardians of Dragonfall, pg(s). 29-30

Created to guard the skies above Dragonfall, one of the most sacred sites to dragonkind, the huge metallic constructs called wings of protection fly above the draconic graveyard as if completely weightless.


Wings of protection look like long coils of thin metal rope with two great, dragon-like wings near their blunt and near-featureless heads opposite tapered, pointed tails. Their wingspan is roughly fifty feet and when fully uncoiled its rope-like body stretches to nearly one hundred and fifty feet in length. Wings of protection generally weigh around ten tons.[1]

Habitat and ecologyEdit

Unlike their fellow guardians, the tongues of rebuke, wings of protection are found exclusively in the skies above Dragonfall. They are artificial constructs as old as Dragonfall itself and, as such, have no natural ecology. Interestingly, the magic which animates them also renders them weightless—the only way such heavy creatures could fly. Their favourite tactic against flying opponents is to coil around their enemy, using their weightlessness to their advantage, and crush the life out of them.[1]