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White Estrid
Titles King of Halgrim
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Halgrim, Lands of the Linnorm Kings

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 93

White Estrid is the current king (the term is used for both genders in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings) of the city of Halgrim. An albino with white hair and pale blue eyes, she is a fierce warrior known for conducting daring raids. She gained much notoriety and renown in 4704 AR when she led a daring longship raid against the Nidalese port of Nisroch, then broke a Chelaxian blockade at the Arch of Aroden and triumphantly pulled into port at Absalom to sell her treasure.[1]

She became a Linnorm King in 4704 AR when she defeated the linnorm known as Boiltongue with the help of a mighty weapon she claims she received from "earth spirits", a statement which angered the other rulers of her land.[2] Unlike them, she refused to mount the stuffed linnorm in her throneroom, but instead keeps a second live linnorm in thrall. He refuses to say much, other than that he was defeated in combat by Estrid and bargained his life for servitude. He is somewhat of a sore subject and largely avoided in conversation, being simply referred to as Estrid's Pet when it is necessary to discuss him.[1]