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Whispering Way
Leader Lucimar, the Lich-Wolf
Alignment Neutral evil
Goals pursuit of personal power, promotion of undeath

A follower of the Whispering Way.

The central philosophy of the Whispering Way is that undeath is the truest form of existence. The undead know no pain and no fear, and so have nothing to distract them from their pursuit of power. Living creatures are seen as pitiful and pointless. Unsurprisingly, the organization is heavily involved with necromancy.

Its adherents add to the organization's membership by corrupting talented individuals with whispered promises of power and eternal existence.

The organization’s most famous member is Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, but it predates even this ancient creature by centuries, making it one of the oldest of Golarion’s organizations.

Some members strive to release Tar-Baphon from the seals that bind him, but the primary aim of each member is to increase his own personal power – even at the expense of other members.

Technically, the organization does not have a leader. Currently, its most influential member is Lucimar, known as the Lich-Wolf. The spiritual center is Tar-Baphon’s prison, the Gallowspire in Ustalav. Pilgrims to the Gallowspire are increasingly also stopping at Lucimar’s residence, Ghasterhall.

Much of the faction’s knowledge is kept by the lore keepers, undead lords who have each memorized a single aspect of the faction’s lore.[1]