The Whisper Woods are located in the eastern heartland of Cheliax.[1]

It is rumored that an unclosed gate to Hell can be found in the woods. Paladins of Iomedae have vanished and several paralictors of the Order of the Gate have lost their entire commands while searching the area. The Order of the Pike runs active patrols along the western edge of the forest to hunt down any creatures that emerge from the woods. A reward has been posted bounty hunters and adventures by Master of Blades Tolsis Tuvadorn in Senara. it remains a mystery why the Hell-aligned House of Thrune would want such a gate closed.[2]

The wood has a dark, tangled heart—a place where precious little sunlight filters through primeval growth. Known as the Scar Thicket, this undergrowth-choked region is home to huge colonies of monstrous bats, vicious insects and deformed animals. Youths in the area grow up learning to deal with evil outsiders and the inhabitants are quite skilled at leading hunts for them. At the center of the thicket, huge mushrooms and other deformed fungi dominate the landscape, providing a home for a rare tribe of surface-adapted vegepygmies. Twisted tunnels lie beneath them, reaching down into Nar-Voth, connecting it to the Midnight Jungle.[2][3]

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