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There are two groups of nobility in the Chelaxian city of Westcrown: the so called "Old Nobility", and "New Nobility."

The Old Nobility is the group of Chelaxian nobles who existed prior to the ascendancy of the House Thrune, and the New Nobility those that came after. The Old Nobility are densest in Westcrown, an aristocratic preserve, and still maintain large holdings of land and wealth in the city. These families either haven't proven themselves with House Thrune, or haven't tried at all to impress the new rulers of the country. Many of the Old Nobility were disposed of by the new management after the Civil War—their titles worthless, family fortune confiscated, and names smeared, left with nothing but wounded pride and desire for revenge. Of the fifty noble families in Westrcrown that existed prior to 4606 AR, a third were destroyed in the decade that followed, and twenty more relocated north to Egorian. [1]

The New Nobility gained power in Cheliax by riding the coattails of House Thrune, and as such are densest in Egorian, the new capital. The most powerful New Nobility are the ones who directly aided the house during the Civil War. Others have since joined them, gaining power through politicking, espionage, and assassination. It is rumored that some of these noble houses have holdings not just in Egorian, but Hell itself, with titles in both realms. The lesser noble houses hold positions in the government bureaucracy and church. [2]

Old NobilityEdit

Westcrown has twelve major noble families and over twenty four minor ones. Eight of these houses have direct links to the Council of Thieves. Some prominent noble houses in Westcrown include:

Wiscrani Old Nobility
House Description Beholden Families
Drovenge An extremely wealthy family, who made its fortune by lending money and owning property. The Drovenges have managed to survive the death of Aroden and rise of the House Thrune without significant loss of power, wealth, and respect, largely due to the fact that they have been a key family among the Council of Thieves for many generations. The scion of the House is Vassindio Drovenge. Imvius, Lorialn, Xerysis
Oberigo The scion of this house is Eirtein Oberigo, crimelord and minister of information for the Council of Thieves. Aulamaxa, Ghival
Salsifer Chillarth, Rustachas
Grulios Mironeth, Ici
Arvanxi Mhartis, Ciucci, Rasdovain
Julistarc Seidraith, Cemaine
Dioso Jhaltero, Ucarlaar
Tilernos Starnon, Estrovain
Phandros Chard, Nolmon
Khollarix Nymmis, Rufano
Rosala Ulvauno, Atenaar
Mazinas Vitaron, Missepe

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