Water naga
Bonus Bestiary cover
Type Aberration
CR 7
Environment Temperate acquatic

Source: Bonus Bestiary, pg(s). 14

The water naga is a fierce and intelligent sea creature that roams the warm oceans of Golarion. Despite their intelligence water nagas are the least devious and most animalistic of the naga family.


Water nagas, like all nagas take the form of a large, sinuous snake with a humanoid head rather than a serpentine one. The water naga is particularly beautiful as its scales shimmer with all the colors of the tropical water. Its every movement send its bright scales into a glistening flurry of dazzling blues and turquoises. Fins rise from behind the water naga's head stretching all the way down its ten foot length to the tip of its tale. Despite its length and size, the water naga only weighs around 250 pounds and is an extremely agile swimmer.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Water nagas prefer the warmest of waters, seemingly having little tolerance for the cold. As a result they tend to migrate with the seasons having both summer and winter lairs and several lairs on the route between them. As a result water nagas sometimes become a sort of ambassador between the tribes of lizardfolk, fey and humans that live along the migration route. Despite what their role as pseudo-ambassadors might indicate, water nagas are the least intelligent type of naga. Although (perhaps as a result) they are also the least scheming, manipulative and malicious. Their general demeanor has more in common with snakes than it does with their conniving naga kin.[1]


The bite of a water naga is poisonous and with enough bites it can be fatal.[1]

Water nagas in GolarionEdit

These nagas have been spotted in numerous locations around Avistan and Garund, including the northern coast of the Inner Sea[2], the Varisian Gulf[3], and the southern coast of the Shackles[4]. Rare examples are even sometimes found inland, such as those occasionally seen on the River Foam in Andoran's Darkmoon Vale.[5]