A Rare, but feared creature, avoiding one Vudran gharial basking in the shallow water might run you into the rest of the pack that has circled behind you. [1]


At first glance, the Vudran gharial looks like a crocodile with a white and blue speckled back. Upon closer inspection, the gharial has a thinner, longer snout. The markings resemble an ancient battle standard of the Vudran army.[1]


Vudran gharial mostly float along the brackish water where the oceans and rivers mix, saltwater marshes, and coastal estuaries. [1]


Gharial are pack hunters, clustering groups as large as fifteen, they use the same tactics as packs of wolves or lions, allowing their large numbers to bring down larger prey than they would normally be able to handle alone. The gharial often sun themselves on the riverbank. [1]


The hide of the gharial is prized resource by armorers, producing an armor known to be of great quality and very durable. This causes a undamaged hide to be valued at up to 50 GP, armor made from the hides of gharials go for over three times the price.[1]