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Vudra (pronounced VOO-drah)[1] is a vast peninsula extending from the southeastern section of the supercontinent Casmaron, with a total area about half that of Avistan. Also known as the Impossible Kingdoms, Vudra consists of more than one hundred mahajanapadas: semi-independent kingdoms ruled by rajahs. These rajahs in turn serve the maharaja, an emperor-like figure descended from Khiben-Said, who in his lifetime spent a decade as an honored guest of the ancient Garundi wizard-king Nex.

Most recent contact between Vudra and the Inner Sea region comes as a direct result of Vudrani emissaries now dwelling on the Isle of Jalmeray off the coast of Nex.[2][3]


Vudra is the home of Irori, who is one of the core gods of the Vudrani pantheon. The thousand gods of Vudra also include such deities as Chamidu, Suyuddha, and Vineshvakhi.


Some scholars of the Vudrani homeland claim that the dynasties of the mahajanapadas date back more than 50,000 years. This predates Azlant and the records of all known intelligent species except Aboleth, so claims like this are partly why Vudrani have a reputation for exaggeration, although one that is often taken as good-natured.[4]



  • Vudra is based on ancient India.