Virlych is not technically a county, instead it is the rotting remains of two former counties that formed the epicentre of the Whispering Tyrant's burgeoning undead empire. The land is a blighted one where only twisted, unnatural plants grow amidst desolate lands and is wracked by unexplained and highly unnatural storms. Virlych clings to the southern edge of Ustalav, a desolate undead haunted wasteland that is a part of Ustalav in name only. No sane person dwells within Virlych, any inhabitants of the former counties of Virholt and Grodlych who did not die during the Whispering Tyrant's pillaging of the counties fled generations ago.[1] The only people still drawn to Virlych are the curious, arcanists desperate to scavenge any magical secrets remaining from the Whispering Tyrant's reign and explorers drawn to such fabled locations as Ghasterhall, the Palace of Travesties and the Garden of Lead.[2]