Vieland is a small realm on the northern tip of Ustalav that is most renowned for the strange, incredibly ancient stone monoliths that have dotted the land for far longer than anyone can remember. Vieland is one of the counties know as the Palatinates, a group of counties that are not ruled by their hereditary nobles, unlike the other palatinates the noble lord of Vieland willingly stepped down. When in 4670 AR the people of Lozeri overthrew their noble lord Count Caromarc of Vieland sensed change was in the air and decided to abdicate his position. To this day he still lives in Vieland in a manor north of the Dippelmere Swamp. Ironically less than forty years after his abdication the council that rules from Lepidstadt has had to ask for his help as the county has suffered from disease, civil disorder and most recently a rash of murders in Lepidstadt.[1]