Type Aberration
CR 14
Environment any underground (Orv)

Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 62-63

Spawn of the god of destruction, vemeraks were designed to delight in the suffering caused by his most fearsome servants, the Spawn of Rovagug.


The vemerak is a huge insect-like creature, it towers over the average person at ten feet tall and over twenty feet long, their huge size means they weigh over six tons. Its body appear like some sort of twisted ant with far too many legs sprouting from its chitinous abdomen. Attached to the rear of the vemerak's abdomen is a set of three writhing, whipping, slime covered tentacles. At the other end of the vemerak is the head pod filled with tiny insect-like eyes and a hideous mass of tentacles and feelers that passes for a mouth. From either side of this monstrous head two scorpion-like pincers emerge adding to the vemerak's already formidable arsenal of weapons. Much of the vemerak's body is covered in living mould which sheds clouds of spores as it moves.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Vemeraks dwell in the deepest, darkest depths of the Darklands mercifully distant from most civilised creatures. They are legendary predators rarely seen by even the dwellers of Sekamina as they often dwell in Orv as well. Despite their love of the darkest depths the original vemeraks dwelt on the surface of Golarion. In ancient times when the Spawn of Rovagug walked the earth destroying all they came across, the vemeraks roamed in their wake. They were more than mere scavengers though, for while the spawn of Rovagug were a manifestation of utter destruction, they were mindless and took no joy from the destruction they caused; the vemeraks do. Vemeraks are unconscious creations of Rovagug's desire to revel in the pain and misery created by such destruction. Every vemerak has a divine link with Rovagug himself, buried deep in the earth. Since the decline of the spawn of Rovagug the vemeraks have found themselves drawn towards their master's voice speaking to them from the very depths of the underground.[1]


Breath weapon
A vemerak can vomit forth a sickening line of flesh-burning acid.
Vemeraks can stab their legs into the earth, then create small earthquakes to hamper their foes.
Spore Cloud
The mold growing on the back of the vemerak have a unique property that helps them resist magical attacks.[1]