Type Small plant
CR 1/2
Environment Darklands

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 273

A vegepygmy is a sentient plant that is created when a small or larger creature is infected and slain by russet mold. [1]


Among the youngest of the Darkland races, these strange beings are a product of the sporecrafting gardens of House Udrinor in Zirnakaynin. Working toward the goal of making a sustainable source of food in the Darklands, they harvested a number of strange molds and exposed them to strong doses of Caphorite rays. Although the results were barely sentient, these early examples did prove self sustaining and worthy of further experimentation. Over time the sporecrafters worked to increase their intelligence and gave them a rudimentary ability to care for their own communities. The creators were suprised to learn when these initial vegepygmies died their bodies decayed into a strange patch of rust-colored mold, now known as russet mold. This mold had the power to invade living bodies and create new forms of vegepygmies.[2]

Originally, the drow underestimated the dangerous properties of this mold. After the disappearance of a large number of house workers, it was assumed the missing workers had been killed by vegepygmy and a major campaign was was launched to round up and destroy the existing population. Hundreds of the creatures were killed before the drow learned there were many more vegepygmies than expected and the new vegepygmies seemed much more intelligent. Further study revealed the missing workers were overcome by the russet mold and were reborn as a more intelligent version of vegepygmies. Having maintained their free will, this population of transformed workers decided to act before the drow took further steps to eliminate them entirely.[2]


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Habitat & EcologyEdit

Isolated tribes of vegepygmies are frequently found throughout Nar-Voth, requiring only an isolated cavern with a ready supply of water. The largest population is concentrated in the Midnight Jungle under central Cheliax and one tribe can even be found living on the surface above in the Scar Thicket.[3]


While vegepygmyies tend to avoid other races, they fight constantly amongst themselves and are not afraid of attacking isolated groups of beings. They always seek to capture rather than kill, bringing the captives back to their cultivated patches of russet mold for transformation. They view the gift of transformation and escape from flesh as a high honor only they can bestow.[2]

Vegepygmies shamans hold high standing within the tribes and lead them in veneration toward a fungus-themed interpretation of Gozreh, and less frequently the Cyth-V’sug (demon lord of fungi and parasites).[2]