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The Vanji River is one of the larger of the many, many rivers that cut through the verdant rain forests of the Mwangi Expanse. The Vanji River starts at the huge lake known as Lake Ocota and flows all the way down to the Rechiend's Plains and into the Fever Sea[1] by which time its waters have taken on a reddish tint (caused by iron-rich clay deposits[2]) that gives its name to the infamous free port of Bloodcove.[3]

The Aspis Consortium discovered significant gold deposits within the mud of the lower river. This has led to speculation that even bigger deposits may exist upstream, and the Consortium has established supply and trade depots on the river at Whitebridge Station and Nightfall Station, ignoring the objections of the local Ekujae tribe[4].

The river is fed by numerous small tributaries and three larger rivers, the Buunta Flow, the Little Vanji River[1] and the smaller Kurka River.[3]