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Bronze compass.svg This chronicler is a Golariopedia administrator.
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Hi there, and welcome to my user page! My name is Mark Moreland and I'm one of PathfinderWiki's Administrators. You can often find me posting far too often on the official Paizo messageboards, as well as the unofficial chat room. What time I don't spend in Paizoland is spent here. And playing and running Pathfinder games of course.

In March 2010, I made my first official contribution to the Pathfinder line and have since written several Pathfinder Society scenarios and a number of Pathfinder Adventure Path player's guides, among other products. You can see my contributor bio page here. In September 2010, I was hired by Paizo to work in house developing Pathfinder Society Scenarios and maintaining canon across their numerous product lines. I try to remain as active on the wiki as I can, despite my new responsibilities to make the cool products the wiki chronicles.

If you want to ask me anything or just stop in to say hello, please do so!

To Do[]


  • Edit {{Policy}} to indicate page lock. Give facelift to policy templates in general.
  • Create stub-like template to go in the body of a product page to indicate that it is still in production and information from the page can change.
  • Customize gallery portal to show off and organize artwork.
  • Add familiar, animal companion, companions, and cohort fields to {{NPC}}.
  • Customize site-notice and welcome-user messages to better help editors. •See: /welcome message
  • Create {{Non-canon}} template to denote articles on non-canon sources such as Wayfinder and non-setting books like Advanced Bestiary and The Tome of Horrors
  • Create {{Featured}} template to go at top of PathfinderWiki:Featured articles and PathfinderWiki:Featured media.
  • Revamp Community portal.
  • Re-sort blog entries to organize by subpage name. ({{DEFAULTSORT:{{SUBPAGENAME}}}} didn't work.)
  • Organize category tree and make better help pages to assist with categorization.
  • Create category(ies) to place featured artwork/articles in to denote them as having been featured.
  • Implement something like w:c:starwars:Template:Eras to show realworld, featured, non-canon etc. with less clutter.


  • Make daily progress on the Campaign Setting Inclusion Initiative.
  • Find better ways to grow the community through the use of social networking or blogging.
  • Increase efficiency with use of YodaBot.

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