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About me[]

OK, I admit it... I haven't played a game in probably 16 years. Nevertheless I've continued to enjoy reading game books. My first love will always be Greyhawk, but I find Golarian wonderfully easy to get in to, despite my mounting reading pile.

My attention span is rather short, so it's unlikely that you'll see me writing articles of any length here. On the other hand, I'm likely to knock off quick maintenance tasks like fixing typos or writing new citation templates. You may notice me following behind you fixing spelling or making minor wording changes. Please don't take offense to this behaviour. I'm not trying to make a passive aggressive point about your writing, I'm just excited to see what you've done, and I'm just as excited to make an improvement (even a tiny one) when I can.


I've been working on a series of regional maps. For now the easiest way to see them is by looking in Category:Maps. Also, I'm starting a queue of maps to do here. If there's a particular map that you'd like to see done, just go ahead and add it.

Finally, I've been hacking away at a tutorial on how I make my maps. It's really quite bad. It has horrible spelling and formatting, probably assumes way too much, and isn't anywhere near complete. If your brave, you could have a look.

My Favourite Images[]

Right here.

Handy Links[]

Stuff That I'd Love To Do Someday[]

  • Shoot PFWiki specific screen shots for the Tutorial Pages (hmm, or maybe not, it looks like these are maintained by wikia... will have to investigate further)
  • Make up more license templates for common "open licenses" (gpl, gfdl, various cc, etc)