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Titles The Shattered City
Region Varisia
Population 5,800
Alignment Chaotic evil

The predominantly orc[1] city of Urglin is the only population center of any sort in the Cinderlands of Varisia's Storval plateau.[2]

Geography & Demographics[]

Built in the ruins of an ancient city, Urglin is the only stopping point to and from the Hold of Belkzen to the east. Located in the middle of nowhere on the fire-blasted plains of the Cinderlands, it is a cesspool of savage villainy. Although orcs and half-orcs predominate, the city is also home to outcast Shoanti, giants and half-breeds of all kinds.[3] It covers about 300 acres of land on the banks of the Ooze River and is divided into five distinct neighborhoods: Scabtown, Pinkskin, Bonerattle, Warmouth, and Oozefront.[1]

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