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Type Outsider
CR 3
Environment Darklands

Urdefhans are a warlike race of clear-skinned bloodsuckers who live in the Darklands realm of Orv. They are the offspring of the daemons of Abaddon, and like their progenitors, seek to extinguish all other life.[1]


Urdefhans are roughly humanoid in form, supposedly created in man's image by the ruler of daemonkind, the Oinodaemon.[1] In a mockery of life, they have translucent skin, exposing their internal organs to anyone unlucky enough to encounter them. While they possess the same basic body structure as a humanoid, their facial features further distinguish them from their less vile counterparts than does their transparent dermal layer—wide mouths that stretch almost to their ears, filled with razor sharp teeth. Urdefhans are also known for their menacing and unique swords and armor which resembles the wrappings of mummies.[2][1]


Blood Drain 
Urdefhans can drain the blood from living things, causing them to lose much strength, and leaving the victim's flesh bloodless and transparent.
Daemonic Pact 
These abhorrent creatures possess "un-souls" made of negative energy which are constantly trying to kill them. While the "un-souls" allow them to be healed by negative energy, they also provide a powerful self-destruct weapon for an Urdefhan to use as a last resort; he can allow his soul to kill him, releasing that energy in a powerful burst, injuring those nearby.[2][1]