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Titles Breaker of Bones
Gore Pelt
The Red Bear
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio Battle
Worshipers Stone giants
Domains Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War
Favored Weapon claw or spiked gauntlet

A relatively new faith, Urazra seems to have only existed a few hundred years (less than a lifespan to its stone giant worshipers). It is proving popular with younger stone giants. Urazra is a savage deity promising his followers greater strength, fortitude and even complete immunity to pain in exchange for act of brutal savagery and sacrifices of still bloody raw flesh. The cult of Urazra is made up exclusively of stone giants, most of whom are younger stone giants as the elders tend to look down on Urazras worship claiming it appeals to the most base and savage part of giant nature. Many of Urazra's worshipers are barbarians who claim that their rage is channeled directly from the God himself. Despite the relative youth of this religion it has spread through charismatic young stone giant preachers who claim that strength, ferocity and savagery are more important than the virtues of work, knowledge and history that their elders have taught them.[1]


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