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Type Outsider
(devil, evil, extraplanar, incorporeal, lawful)
CR 10
Environment Any (Hell)

Source: The Infernal Syndrome, pg(s). 86

The uniila, also known as the cabal devil, is a fiend who seeks to seduce mortals with the mysteries of magical power.[1]


A cabal devil appears as a floating, shrouded, lithe feminine figure darkly cloaked in glyph-decorated and tattered arcane robes. Four pallid arms reach from beneath the robes, clutching eldritch blades or implements.[1]

Habitat & Ecology[]

Native to Stygia, cabal devils eagerly seek passage to the Material Plane. These fiends offer magical power to mortals in a seemingly neutral way that still tempts their victims to damnation.

Cabal devils have an innate and exceptionally frightening spellcasting ability, and can offer nearby mortal spellcasters the ability to prepare and cast additional spells. The fiends can prepare a witch token, in the form of a ring or other item, which makes a mortal spellcaster's spells more difficult to resist but allows the uniila to scry upon and harm the spellcaster at will.


Species of Devils

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