Uncle Guden is one of the most liked, well-respected, and at the same time, mysterious figures in the colorful city of Kaer Maga in Varisia. He is said to live in the Highside Stacks district, in a home known simply as Uncle Guden's Manor. His popularity stems from his incredible generosity towards all tiers of Kaer Magan society, even though his seemingly unchecked altruism raises plenty of suspicion among the naturally skeptic population of the city. This suspicion is magnified by the fact that no one as ever met Uncle Guden; even his true gender is unknown. This is not proof positive in and of itself, as many of the most elite residents of the Stacks prefer to conduct all transactions through intermediaries. Even so, there are many theories behind who or what Uncle Guden actually is. Some believe that he is the wizard of the Flickering Tower; others that he is of celestial origin, sent to redeem Kaer Maga. A third theory postulates that he doesn't actually exist, but is the fictional creation of a group of dedicated servants, led by his purported chief steward, Andra Vallos. Whatever the truth might be, Uncle Guden continues to generously support public works throughout the city, and most people are content not to look such a lucrative gift horse in the mouth.[1]