Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Copper dragon
Gender Male
Homeland Westcrown, Cheliax

Source: Dragons Revisited, pg(s). 33

When it was clear that the diabolical House Thrune would emerge victorious in the Chelish civil war, copper dragons came from all over Golarion to fight for freedom. Nearly a dozen of these noble wyrms gave their lives in this failed cause, with many more driven off to lick their wounds in Andoran, Rahadoum, and Isger. Tyraxalan was one of the ones who stayed behind to continue an underground guerrilla war against the government of Egorian. He settled in the former capital of Westcrown where he took on the disguise of the human scribe Tyrax. From there he supports the resistance in any way he can, occasionally corresponding with his supplier, the expatriate brass dragon Sarithil.[1]