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Region River Kingdoms
Size Large town
Population 2,564
Demographics Human 80%, half-orc 12%, other 8%
Government Conventional (benevolent dictator)
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Ullorth Ungin

The city-state of Tymon lies southwest of Daggermark on the very western borders of the River Kingdoms, next to the kingdom of Razmiran. It is renowned for its gladiators, as Tymon boasts both a huge arena and many prestigious gladiator colleges. Tymon's history of gladiatorial excellence goes back to its founder, Maldar Tymon, who was a renowned Taldan gladiator and hero of one of Taldor's Fifth Army of Exploration. Unfortunately, this proud heritage has made Tymon a visible target, and the living god Razmir greedily eyes the city with conquest on his mind. Ullorth Ungin has to contemplate turning his valuable gladiators lose on the field of battle, supported by the bloodthirsty priests of Gorum. Each year Ullorth asks that any on the Outlaw Council who value freedom step forth to help him, and each year one or two petty lordlings offer their help, postponing Razmir's invasion for another year.[1][2]


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