Titles Manhome
Nation Hold of Belkzen

Source: Skeletons of Scarwall, pg(s). 63

Trunau is a small, human farming community located just south of the old Hordeline in the Hold of Belkzen. When the orcs breached this border in the 46th century AR, the citizens of the town refused to abandon their land. They built wooden palisades and ramparts and defended the walls of their town with great ferocity. The orcish invaders eventually gave up besieging the town, naming it "Manhome", and simply started circumventing it.

Every able-bodied citizen of Trunau is now tasked with defending the town at a moment's notice and is grimly aware that his or her home is the lone human outpost in a savage land. Children on their twelfth birthday are presented with a hopeknife and shows precisely which arteries to cut should they or their families be taken alive by the orcish hordes.[1]