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Type Humanoid
CR 1
Environment any underground

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 267

Troglodytes are a barbaric and vicious underground-dwelling humanoid race. They are most common in Nar-Voth and are favored slaves for many of the other races of the Darklands.[1]


Troglodytes are reptilian humanoids with dull gray scaly hides. Their frame resembles that of a cave lizard's, with a long tail and bony crest down the head and back.

A male trogldyte warrior.


The troglodyte is one of the oldest of intelligent races, and ruins found in some remote caverns testify to the fact that their empire was once among the largest in the world. At the dawn of time, the troglodyte civilization was generations ahead of other humanoid races—while those races hid in caves and worshiped fire, the troglodytes raised vast cities of stone ziggurats and twisting canals, kept other races as slaves, and worshiped ancient and inhuman gods and demons. Yet as the other races evolved and grew increasingly civilized, they outstripped their onetime troglodyte oppressors. Today, the roles have changed—now it is the troglodyte that hides in caves and lives the life of a feral savage.


Religion is strong among troglodyte tribes, and their shamans and priests are universally the highest regarded members of a clan. A troglodyte chieftain is not always a cleric or druid, but those who do not have divine power are usually mere mouthpieces and puppet lords that answer to the beck and call of the local seer or shaman. Troglodytes generally worship one of the countless demon lords, most prevalently Zevgavizeb[1], and particularly those of a reptilian or primeval shape and form or those whose Abyssal domains most closely resemble the tangled caverns troglodytes prefer.