Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Demon
Gender Male
Homeland Kyonin via the Abyss

A scion of a powerful demon lord permanently banished to the Material Plane, Treerazer is a hugely powerful creature comfortably able to lock horns with all but the most powerful dragons and come away victorious.


Treerazer is a huge creature towering well over most humanoids and even over many giants at twenty feet tall. He looks like some sort of demonic dinosaur that has sprouted huge dragon-like wings. Where ever he walks a trail of small, diseased mushrooms spring up in his wake, only to disintegrate back into filth moments later. In his clawed hands he wields his personal weapon Blackaxe which is carved from obsidian and constantly drips acid from its chipped, uneven blade.[1]


Treerazer began life in the Abyss but little is known of his exploits as a demon before his ascension. Whatever he did, it impressed his Lord Cyth-V'sug enough to risk raising him to the role of a nascent demon lord. Cyth-V'sug's gamble did not pay off, however, as Treerazer was an ambitious creature and attempted to usurp his lord's position. Cyth-V'sug was not overcome and ended up banishing him to Golarion, effectively "freezing" Treerazer's demonic ascension.[2] Being so completely severed from the abyss has had an interesting side effect: if Treerazer is killed, his essence won't return to the abyss—his death would be permanent.[3]

Banished to Golarion sometime during the Age of Darkness, Treerazer found Golarion to his liking and spent many centuries wandering its many nations. It wasn't until 2497 AR that he discovered the land of Kyonin and learned of the exodus of the elves. When he learned of the Sovyrian Stone, Treerazer concocted a plan to obtain it and use its power to regain access to the Abyss. He was foiled by the return of the elves in 2632 AR but they could not destroy Treerazer, instead pushing him and his forces back to the Tanglebriar in southern Kyonin. Here he has waited within his fortress, the massive twisted tree known as the Witchbole, serving as the bogeyman of elven culture—a tale with which to scare elven children that is, unfortunately, all too real.[3]