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Region Osirion
Size Metropolis
Population 52,360

Totra, founded in -2587 AR by the Conquering Pharaoh An-Hepsu II, is the largest of Osirion's ports outside Sothis. The city is often seen not only as a symbol of the country's power but a symbol of its excesses as well. When the An Dynasty subjugated what would become Thuvia and Rahadoum with its fleets (known as the Great Atoqua), Totra saw an influx of the slaves who would build the country's pyramids and monuments. The city's underclasses and nobility are still almost exclusively Garundi and harbor suspicion and prejudice against Keleshites for millenia of foreign rule. Following the death of the Fallen Pharaoh and the Qadiran invasion of 1532 AR, many of Totra's ancient monuments were toppled by the invaders. In a turnaround, the city's harbor now hosts a red granite statue of An-Hepsu II, built on a new island created from the toppled statues of Qadiran satraps.[1]


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