Region Realm of the Mammoth Lords
Size Large Town
Population 3,700

Like the Realm of the Mammoth Lords largest settlement Icestair Tolguth is nestled against the icy walls of the Crown of the World, unlike Icestair it is a warm, almost tropical town surrounded by great ferns and green cycads. The reason for this vast difference in temperature is the volcanic vents and thermal springs which dot the area surrounding Tolguth. Tolguth sits in the midst of a tropical valley heated by the volcanic power of the earth, within this valley roam fantastic creatures that are not found anywhere else in Avistan these include duck billed dinosaurs, swift raptors, mighty Tyrannosaurs and predatory terror birds like the axe beak. Unsurprisingly the city is walled for the protection of its inhabitants but these walls prove only a slight hindrance to the largest of the valleys creatures. Despite being surrounded by a dinosaur infested wilderness the biggest danger to the people of Tolguth comes from the Worldwound and its fell demonic influence.[1]