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Todd Stewart
Hometown Raleigh, NC
Position Contributor

Todd Stewart is an roleplaying game author known for his knowledge of the Planescape setting, and for his contributions to the Planewalker online community. Stewart began his career with Paizo in 2007 with articles for Dragon magazine. He has since been assigned to the Campaign Setting's planar material, as well as the solo production The Great Beyond: A Guide to the Multiverse, and additional works. He uses the online pseudonym Shemeska_the_Marauder. As of February 2011, Stewart continues to write the regular serial Shemeska's Story Hour, hosted at EN World, Stewart has contributed to the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, and has expressed his intention to continue writing for Paizo products.

Stewart works as an immunologist and cellular biologist.[1]

Pathfinder credits[]

Title Date Volume (Page)
Bestiary22"Bestiary" #22 0905May 2009 PF22 (76)
Campaign Setting 0808August 2008 CS
Chaos Magic of the Proteans"Chaos Magic of the Proteans" 0907July 2009 KQ10 (20)
Ecology"Ecology of the Boggard" 1006June 2010 PF34 (58)
Faction Guide 1005May 2010 FG
Great BeyondThe Great Beyond: A Guide to the Multiverse 0905May 2009 TGB
Keepers of Chaos"Keepers of Chaos" 0905May 2009 PF22 (54)
Osirion, Land of Pharaohs 0812December 2008 OLoP
Sphere of Annihilation"Sphere of Annihilation" 1004April 2010 CTR (40)
Well of Many Worlds"Well of Many Worlds" 1004April 2010 CTR (58)
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