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Alignment Lawful neutral
Capital Merab
Ruler Ilepodus, Prince Zinlo, Queen Zamere, Kharane, and Guldis
Government Loose association of independent city-states

Situated on the southern edge of the Inner Sea, between ancient Osirion and godless Rahadoum, Thuvia (pronounced THOO-vee-uh)[1] is a land focused almost entirely on the export of a single product. For over three thousand years it has been the sole manufacturer of sun orchid elixir, an alchemical brew which, if taken regularly, will stop the aging process.[2]



The An Dynasty of Osirion sent fleets to conquer what is now Thuvia and Rahadoum after Pharaoh An-Hepsu II established the port of Totra in Osirion in -2587 AR.[3] Thuvia gained its independence from Osirion following the assassination of the last Osiriani governor of Thuvia in -841 AR. No replacement was sent from the capital of Sothis, effectively relinquishing control of the province.

Sun Orchid Elixir[]

The discovery of sun orchid elixir in the city state of Merab in 1140 AR brought the attention of the world to the region, and a foreign power sought to claim the secret of the elixir. Merab turned to the other four city states for support, offering to share with them the wealth from the elixir. A formal alliance was entered into, and Thuvia became a nation.[citation needed]


In theory, the five city states are equal, but Merab has the most influence. The interior of the land is ruled by local warlords called Water Lords who control the oases and lakes. Many of them are little better than bandits.[4]

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