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Thuldrin Kreed
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Human
Class Rogue 4 / Expert 3
Gender Male
Homeland Andoran

Source: Guide to Darkmoon Vale, pg(s). 32

In his position as Gavel (the local leader) of the Lumber Consortium in Falcon's Hollow, Thuldrin Kreed actually owns the town. Kreed abuses this position often and publicly. He is a sadistic, cruel man and not shy of open murder or rape if someone dares to oppose him or simply is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ironically and contrary to this behavior, it is not a rare view to see him doing caritative works if someone suffers without him being the reason. He also spends a lot of money to protect Hollow's lumberjacks and inhabitants from the monsters of the region.

Kreed is cruel but he is also a coward often hiding behind the back of his right hand Payden Teedum. He has seldom reason to do so as people normally don't dare to oppose him (with the exception of Sheriff Deldrin Baleson). [1]