Region Razmiran
Size Large City
Population 17,340
Ruler Razmir

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 124-125

Thronestep is a very new city, built just over thirty five years ago in 4672 AR and was designed to be Razmiran's new capital and home of the living God Razmir. When it was built it was designed to be a paradise for Razmir and his most devout worshippers. It was constructed from the finest materials, exotic wood and expensive stone imported from across Avistan, many of the building are covered with images of Razmir in all his masked glory. This section was the core of Thronestep and forms one of its two main districts, now called "the Steps". Crafted from the finest materials the steps is where Razmir and his highest ranking priests enjoy a life of decadence and debauchery. The other section of the city, known as "the Stones" is made up of vast areas of slums and dirty tenements. This area is filled with those stricken with poverty, disease or worse, it is here that thousand of lay-worshippers of Razmir dwell trying to gain an audience with their God. Every inhabitant prays they will be part of the Choosing, a ritual in which five normal worshippers are selected to speak with Razmir, unknown to most this ritual is as fake as his divinity leaving an entire city living in perpetual false hope.[1][2]