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Pathfinder Society Scenario #54:
Eyes of the Ten Part II:
The Maze of the Open Road
Maze of the Open Road.jpg
Publisher's Product Page
Author(s) Mark Moreland
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Price PDF: $3.99
Released June 2010
Type Pathfinder Society scenario
Binding PDF
Pages 24 pages
Rules set PFRPG
Series Pathfinder Society
Season 1 scenarios
Eyes of the Ten
Follows The Faithless Dead
Precedes The Infernal Vault
Artwork from The Maze of the Open Road

The mysteries of the Woodsedge Lodge continue as you and your fellow Pathfinders are sent to devil-tainted Cheliax and the steamy jungles of the Mwangi Expanse to find two missing venture-captains.