The Circle
Leader The Witch
Alignment Lawful Evil
Headquarters Atop Pale Mountain
Goals To find the Circle.
Scope Local (Brazen Peaks)
Members Gnolls

The lair of the Circle gnoll tribe is located on the slopes of Pale Mountain. These slopes host shallow mines and the ruins of collapsed dig cities. The leader of the tribe is the Witch, a human cleric of Rovagug and emissary of the Carrion King. Other notable members of the tribe are the Witch's slavemaster and chief enforcer flind Badilur, the fighter Lakkickkish and the rogue Purkor. This tribe granted by the Carrion King to the mysterious Witch with the secret duty to discover an ancient unholy relic, an amulet, that considered a powerful weapon. The tribe excavates the ancient ruins near the top of the mountain in search for the amulet. The tribe consists of 38 gnolls, 9 flinds, numerous trained wild dogs, and nearly two dozen slaves.[1]


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