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Thanodaemons (pronounced THAN-oh-day-mon)[1] are the servitors of the Archdaemon Charon, and reside on the plane of Abaddon. These daemons ply the waves of the river Styx, ferrying souls through their master's domain. They occasionally carry living visitors through Abaddon, although if they are not bribed properly they make no effort to bring their passengers to places they wish to visit. Their small skiffs are smaller copies of their master's.[2][3]



While all daemons represent death in some fashion, thanodaemons, the Deacons of Death, represent the inevitable death through old age. Thanodaemons effortlessly work eerie skiffs along every pus- and bile-choked river in Abaddon, including the legendary River Styx. For the right price (typically 50 pp or 2 gems worth at least 300 gp each), a thanodaemon will even carry passengers on its skiff, yet those who travel with these fiends should beware—they frequently renegotiate the terms once they’ve got their passengers in dangerous realms.


Draining Weapon (Su)

A thanodaemon’s energy drain attack functions through any melee weapon it wields.

Fear Gaze (Su)

Cower in fear for 1d6 rounds, 30 feet, Will DC 21 negates. This is a mind-affecting fear effect. The save DC is Charisma -based.

Soul Crush (Su)

A thanodaemon can crush a soul gem as a standard action to gain fasting healing 15 for 15 rounds. This action condemns the crushed soul to Abaddon—resurrecting this victim requires a DC 28 caster level check.