Technic League
Leader Unknown
Headquarters Starfall
Goals exploration and exploitation of the Silver Mount
Scope Local (Numeria)
Members arcanists with interest in the Silver Mount

The Technic League is a group of arcanists (wizards and sorcerers) and other lore seekers who are obsessed with the mystery of the Silver Mount. Despite having complete access to the fabled Silver Mount the Technic League has only the faintest understanding of the incredible site. What little knowledge they have managed to garner has already granted them huge amounts of power within Numeria. Not only do these debased arcanist have great access to the incredible valuable skymetal, particularly adamantine which makes up the Mount, but they have also gained political power. With the help of the Technic League the Black Sovereign gained complete control over Starfall and all of Numeria and in return the Technic League have forever gained his ear.[1]

The Technic League have also gained great military power from their discoveries; less then a generation ago they discovered the Gearsman. Within a previously undiscovered chamber the members of the Technic League stumbled upon the Gearsman, constructs made of steel and stranger metals. The Gearsmen look human in shape but close investigation reveals gross proportion that are entirely nonhuman; those who have seen Gearsmen up close say that they look like something that has seen man for the first time and tried to imitate his shape within understanding. The Gearsman seem to be intelligent though whether or not they are sentient is a cause for debate. What is known is that once in a while they seem to deliberately disobey orders or do things they were not told to do; when questioned why they answer only with silence. Whatever it is the Technic League search for within the Silver Mount (if anything specific at all) they have yet to find it, and they are not the only people interested. Despite the threat of death to anyone caught trespassing on the Silver Mount, many are still willing to risk entering it for the fabulous secrets that supposedly lie within.[1]