Tamris Quickthorn
Titles Blastwaters Leader
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Halfling
Class Rogue 7
Gender Male
Homeland Andoran
Organization Blastwaters

Source: Guide to Darkmoon Vale, pg(s). 60

Tamris Quickthorn is both hateful and hated. The foul-tempered halfling played a vital role in the eventual break-up of the adventuring band known as the Azure Guard. Never one to trust or be trustworthy, Tamris sowed discontent in the group with infrequent theft and selfish (some said cowardly) battle tactics. Thanks to Tamris’s not-so-winning personality, the group eventually splintered. At first, the druid Tablic stayed with Tamris, not knowing where else to go. Eventually, though, even Tablic found he could no longer tolerate the angry halfling and departed. Tamris blames his struggle over the past several years on his one-time companions, claiming (somewhat rightly) that they all turned against him at the end.[1]

After the end of the Azure Guard, Tamris’s life took a rather steep nosedive, from which he only recently began to recover. Today, Tamris leads the Blastwaters, a small and sometimes successful bandit gang operating along roads in the actively geothermal lowlands of Darkmoon Vale. Thanks to Tamris’s unhealthy obsession with meanness and his unconscionable willingness to steal from his own companions, the turnover rate for Blastwaters banditos remains high.[1]