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Nation Nirmathas
Size Small city
Population 9,730
Government Meritocracy
Alignment Chaotic good

Source: Masks of the Living God, pg. 6

The city of Tamran is a ramshackle city, especially for the capital city of a nation. It is built on piers and pilings over the marshlands at the mouth of the Marideth River, where it meets the banks of Lake Encarthan. The city is connected by a web of bridges, ramps and causeways, and a flotilla of barges and skiffs. Due to the fact Tamran is still standing after its violent history it is seen as a symbol of Nirmathas' tenacity and resourcefulness. Considering Nirmathas is a country at war, Tamran seems to lacks the fortification of a city wall but this is in fact its best defence.[1]


Tamran did at one point have a city wall surrounding it but during the Freedom War with neighbouring Molthune it became clear that such a static defence played into Molthune's traditional style of warfare. Instead the Nirmathi tore down their own city wall, their soldiers dissipating into the surrounding countryside. When the armies of Molthune approached, the citizens of Tamran would surrender. The Nirmathi soldiers would then sneak back into the city to wreak havoc on the occupying forces using guerilla tactics. Since the conflicts began Tamran has been occupied five times; each time it has proved too costly to keep for long. At the end of their last occupation the Molthune forces grew so frustrated they burned the city to the ground. Within a year the city had been completely rebuilt.[1]