Talmandor statue
Aliases Talmandor the Golden
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Avoral
Gender Male
Homeland Heaven

Source: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty, pg(s). 21

The avoral Talmandor is the celestial patron of the nation of Andoran. He is said to be the voice of three of the nation's largest faiths: Iomedae, Erastil, and Shelyn. Because of this, his words bear great weight, and few question his devotion to the greatest good for the greatest number.[1]

Talmandor is closely associated with birds of prey, and because of this is the patron of the Steel Falcons order of the Eagle Knights, granting them great and terrible powers in battle. Popular history holds it that the celestial saw the great evil of House Thrune rising in Cheliax and dictated the words that Darl Jubannich wrote in his famous tract "On Government". While he isn't revered as a deity, Andorans do set aside a special feast day in his honor.[1]

Although the avoral's influence is strongest in Andoran, he dwells on the plane of Heaven, within the aptly named Soaring Palace of Talmandor the Golden.[2]

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