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Taldans (pronounced TAL-dans)[1] are renowned as possessing great skill, intellegence and sophistication. They are the creators of one of the greatest empires Avistan has ever known and many modern nations owe their existance to the conquests of empire of Taldor. However this period of greatness is now a thing of the past and the Taldan people know they are now just as well renowned for their decadent indulgences as their empire crumbles around them.


Taldans are naturally gifted and generally possess a pleasant appearance. Their skin is a natural bronze tone and their hair is normally dark brown and naturally flowing. They gain their natural appearance from their mixed ancestry of ancient Azlanti and Keleshite blood, though between the two they are proudest of their Azlanti heritage. Taldans always cloth themselves in only the latest and most fashionable clothes they can afford. The Taldan style is imitated across the inner sea but few can match the Taldan flair for high fashion. Men normally sport a well trimmed, nicely groomed beard while Taldan women within Taldor wear large, elaborate wigs passed down the generations as family heirlooms.[2]


The history of the Taldans is long and illustrious. Taldor was originally created by refugee Azlanti as a place to easily trade with what is now modern day Qadira. From these beginnings Taldor grew well beyond its current borders. Through exploration and conquest it brought civilisation to much of the Inner Sea and at one time the nations of Andoran, Cheliax, Galt and Lastwall were all under the banner of the empire of Taldor. This is all a distant memory now. Taldor no longer has any holdings or vassal states outside of its borders. Still the Taldan people dwell on their past, as proud and arrogant today as ever they were at Taldor's height.[2]


Taldan culture is obsessed with only one thing—Taldor. Taldan culture is incredibly insular and is only interested in events within Taldor as they view all events outside of Taldor as inherently dull and uninteresting. They have a similar view of anyone who isn't Taldan, seeing them as inescapably provincial and inferior in breeding, education and interest. There is however a reason for this cultural arrogance. As one of the oldest, longest-lasting civilizations in Avistan, Taldor has had millenia to perfect its crafts and artistry, making it a desirable place to learn one's trade.[2]